About Us

Most of the courses offered through this Extension Foundation catalog are delivered through the Foundation's online course system at campus.extension.org. Campus was originally launched in 2007, and currently offers some 600 courses of varying subject matter, rigor, cost, and credit. The subjects they represent reflect the breadth of the Cooperative Extension System, as Extension educators from about 38 different Land Grant Universities and involved in various agricultural, family, community, and youth programs offer online education through this site.

In most cases, purchasing or registering for an educational offering through our Catalog will direct you to a page or course on Campus.extension.org. So do not be surprised if the link provided for your registration takes you to a page on Campus. If you are enrolling in a course, that page will be your personal dashboard, where you will find a complete list of courses in which you are enrolled at that site. If you are registering for a webinar or workshop, that page will provide the rest of the information about that event; how to connect, what resources are available, how to communicate with the presenters, any testing or certification that may be offered, etc.

If you do have any questions, feel free to contact us using the Contact link in the menu bar above, or simply email us at cataloghelp@extension.org.