American Citizen Planner-Indiana

This 16-week course will better prepare citizen planners for their role as public officials serving planning commissions in the state of Indiana. It is designed to develop knowledge and skills for an audience that may be unfamiliar with the concepts and regulations that form the framework of local government planning. This audience may include plan commissioners, Board of Zoning Appeals members, planning department staff, extension professionals, local officials, citizen advocates, non-profit groups, government agencies, students, or anyone interested in learning more about local planning and zoning.

This course includes 28 units divided into ACP-IN 101, ACP-IN 201, and a comprehensive exam. The course also includes two webinars. Participants must pass all unit assessments, the comprehensive exam, and attend two webinars to receive the Master Citizen Planner Certificate.

For more information, contact Dan Walker at or Kara Salazar at

Price: $200.00