COURSE 12 - Midwest Soybean Production Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic

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The Nebraska Extension Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic training sessions are now available online, coming directly to you no matter where you are.

The presentations in this course are part of the Nebraska Extension MIDWEST CORN PRODUCTION Crop Management Diagnostic Clinic.  We wish to express our appreciation to the USDA-NRCS, private industry professionals and UNL staff and faculty for their efforts in sharing their expertise and knowledge at this educational program.

  • Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) credits are available for those who view the presentations and complete the quick review questions and feedback questions.
  • Continuing education credits for Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) = 1 Crop Management. 
  • A certificate of completion is provided at the conclusion of this course.

Topics included in this course:

  • SB1 – Welcome
  • SB18- Soy Planting Date - Yield
  • SB20 - Soybean Planting Date - Vegetative & Reproductive Duration
  • SB21 - Soybean Planting Date - Now Versus Then
  • SB22 - Soybean Planting Date - Variety Maturity Group Choice
  • SB23 - Soybean Varietal Maturity Group & Pre Soy Cover Crop
  • SB24 - Soybean Varietal Maturity Group & Post Soy Cover Crop
  • SB25 - Soybean Seeding Depth & Rate
  • SB26 - Soybean Row Width
  • SB27 – Conclusion

Presenters include:

  • Jim Specht, University of Nebraska Emeritus Professor
  • Introduction and Closing - Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension Educator
Price: $30.00