Pesticide Labeling and Formulations Course--OS

Penn State LogoTo meet your state's 60-minutes of instruction = 1 CORE recertification credit, we have combined two of our 30-minute courses: Pesticide Labeling and Pesticide Formulations.

In the Pesticide Labeling course, you will learn about how a pesticide is brought to market, types of pesticide registrations, when to read the label, parts of the label, signal words, and MSDSs.

In the Pesticide Formulations course, you will learn about solubility; advantages, disadvantages, and abbreviations of dry, liquid, and other formulation types; pesticide mixtures, compatibility, and jar testing; and types of adjuvants and surfactants.

When you have completed both courses, you must then earn a 75% or better on each of the End of Course Quizzes. Pesticide applicators will receive 1 CORE recertification credit and have the ability to save or print a Completion Certificate. Credits for this course are only available for Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont, as they require 60-minutes of instruction to equal 1 CORE recertification credit.

Note to Vermont applicators: You must print your certificate, sign it, and mail to Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

The cost is $40.00 for the combined course. You will pay using PayPal. For more information, contact Sharon Gripp via email at

Price: $40.00