Proper Pesticide Use to Avoid Illegal Residues w/Certificate

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Pest Control Advisors, pesticide handlers, and growers who take this course will learn to analyze pesticide labels and extract information relevant to the specific setting and situation in order to safely apply pesticides and avoid illegal residue while complying with all label directions. 

Purchasing this course entitles you to receive a certificate of completion.  If you do not require a certificate, you may view the course for free by enrolling in the course at

It is accredited by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (2.0 hours Laws & Regs), Certified Crop Advisor (1.0 IPM), Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture (1.0 for Certified Arborists and 1.0 Practice for Board Certified Arborists), and the Arizona Department of Agriculture (2.0 credits).

The course contains video so it requires a computer that can play audio and video.

Contact and technical support: Cheryl Reynolds,

Price: $40.00