Toddler Feeding Recommendations for Family Child Care Home Providers - Non CA

University of California

The audience for this course is Family Child Care Home Providers for non-California residents. This online training includes videos, short quizzes, and activities. It has two parts.


  • In Part 1: What to Feed Toddlers, you will learn the latest recommendations on WHAT to feed toddlers. These are the foods and beverages that are recommended. We will review milk & other beverages, grains and proteins, vegetables & fruits, and sugar & sodium.

  • In Part 2: How to Feed Toddlers, we will focus on HOW to feed toddlers. We will review responsive feeding, meal & snack frequency, food choices, the feeding environment, and how to prevent choking.


Completion of this course provides 1.0 contact hours. 

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Price: $15.00