Vermont Master Composter

Vermont logoThis course offers an in-depth study of backyard composting and covers the many ways to turn food scraps and yard trimmings into compost for healthier, nutrient-rich soil. It is offered by the University of Vermont Extension Master Gardener Program in collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

Notice:  Registration for this course is now closed.

Registration is currently open and runs through September 2, 2022. The registration fee for Vermont residents is $50 per person. If you live outside of Vermont, please enroll in our Out-of-State course. The fee for out-of-state residents is $150 per person.

There are two tracks available to Vermont residents:
1) Volunteer track. This is an opportunity to give back to your community by becoming a Vermont Certified Master Composter volunteer. Upon registration, you will be asked to complete some requisite information including a volunteer application and background check. 
2) Learn at your own pace. Here you move through the course at your leisure & receive a Home Composter Certificate

For more information, visit the Vermont Master Composter website or contact Deb Heleba.