2022 Yuma Fall IPM Seminar

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The University of Arizona Yuma County Cooperative Extension hosted the Fall Integrated Pest Management Seminar.

This was a five hour workshop where 13 different speakers talked about dealing with the ongoing drought, as well as pest management, controlling weeds and soilborne Pathogens in preparation for the winter growing season.

Course Number: CA-DPR # O-0399-22, 4.5 CEU (Other) AZDA # 22384, 5.0 CEU, CCA # SS 56142, 0.5 CEU (Soil & Water Management), 4.0 CEU (Intergrated Pest Management), 0.5 CEU (Precision Ag)

CEU Credits: This course is accredited by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, Arizona Department of Agriculture and Certified Crop Adviser. (See above)

Pest Control Advisors, Pesticide Handlers, and Growers who take this course will learn about Integrated Pest Management, Colorado River Situation and Crop Water Use, Organic IPM Practices in Leafy Greens, Steam Applicator for Controlling Weeds and Soilborne Pathogens, 2021-2022 Yuma Plant Pathology Fungicide Trials, Epidemiological Studies to Manage Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV), Phosphites and Micronutrients Role in Plant Health and Disease Resistance, Herbicide Resistance in Weeds of the Low Desert and University of Arizona Insect Management in Vegetables Update.

Course availability will be through the end of the year and will be removed December 31st 2022.

The course contains video so it requires a computer that can play audio and video.

Contact and technical support: Robert Masson, masson@arizona.edu.

Price: $80.00